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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. tonight at 10:00 the breastfeeding flack the american university professor who caused an uproar after nursing her baby in class is speaking out. >> plus a maryland community in mourning, who murdered a teen- ager as he walked to school?
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>> and a fox 5 investigation reveals a deadly danger on the road, the safety measure designed to prevent horrific crashes that has a fatal flaw. >> we'll begin with the developing story the entire world is monitoring, the u.s. ambassador to libya and three other americans killed in an attack on the u.s. consequence lawsuit in benghazi. good evening. i'm -- consulate in benghazi. good evening. i'm brian bolter. >> i'm shawn yancey. ambassador chris stevens and three others were killed in that attack. the big question? was it planned in time for the 9/11 anniversary. two warships are moving to the libyan coast. >> fox 5's bob barnard begins our coverage tonight. >> chris stevens is the first u.s. ambassador to be killed on the job in more than 30 years and more than likely not coincidently on the anniversary of the september 11th terrorist attacks. two other americans killed in libya last night still have not been identified.
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the deadly attack in northern africa is being condemned in the libyan capital and here in washington. they came together on the street in front of the white house, its flag at half staff, dozens of muslim americans, many of libyan heritage, upset over the killing of the u.s. ambassador and three other americans in libya tuesday night. >> it's just a big loss to us, more than to america. we lost a friend today. >> we are saddened. we are angry. we are fearful that there is a fringe group within libya that are trying to overtake the revolution. >> reporter: u.s. officials believe the firebombing of the u.s. consulate in benghazi was a targeted terrorist attack planned for september 11th and not part of a spontaneous protest like another at the u.s. embassy in egypt where again tonight in cairo there's rioting on the street all over an ab secure anti-islam video -- an obscure anti-islam video produced by a california
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filmmaker posted on youtube. >> this was an attack by a small and savage group, not the people or government of libya. >> the u.s. consulate now abandoned was a villa in benghazi. killed was u.s. ambassador chris stevens. apparently died from smoke inhalation. a state department information officer shaun smith also died. >> the united states condemns in the strongest terms this outrageous and shocking attack. we're working with the libyan government to secure our diplomats and i've directed my administration to increase our security at diplomatic posts around the world. >> a team of 50 marines is said to be headed to the libyan capital. >> this incident is tragic. is it a tragedy. we condemn it. we will -- it is a tragedy. we condemn it. we will do everything possible to protect the american people. >> ambassador stevens was a 52-
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year-old former peace corps volunteer and veteran diplomat. shaun smith was an air force veteran and a married father of two young children. >> let us never ever forget that our freedom is only sustained because our people who are willing to fight for it, to stand up for it and in some cases lay down their lives for it. >> tonight u.s. officials are confirming the pentagon is positioning two warships off the libyan coast. president obama promising to work with the libyan government to bring the killers to justice. >> bob barnard tonight. more details this evening about ambassador chris stevens. he was a career diplomat spending the last two decades in foreign is. he served two tours in libya -- foreign service. served two tours in libya. stevens is the first u.s. ambassador to be killed in an attack since 1979 when ambassador adolf dubs was killed in afghanistan. here in washington and congress those who knew stevens
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mourn his death. a long time friend of stevens d him as a brave person. >> chris really got out and he knew everybody and he was willing to risk his life over and over and over. he took a cargo boat into benghazi when it was under siege by gadhafi forces and this is not an ordinary man. this is an extraordinary diplomat. >> christopher stevens was 52 years old. republican presidential candidate mitt romney has doubled down on his criticisms of the president's response to the events in egypt and libya. yesterday the embassy in cairo released a statement condemning the anti-muslim video that mocked the prophet muhammad. romney called the statement a disgrace and apology for american values and faulted the president, criticism he even repeated after the deaths of ambassador stevens and the other americans. >> i also believe the administration was wrong to stand by a statement sympathizing with those who had breached our embassy in egypt
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instead of condemning their actions. it's never too early for the united states government to condemn attacks on americans and to defend our values. >> president obama later said in an interview that romney, "tends to shoot first and aim later," and didn't have his facts right before he made his statement. i want to bring in fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin now. it sounds like politics a lot at work here. i mean apologizing for the video instead of criticizing those who, behind the attack, isn't there a point to be made there? >> well, people feel that in terms of a crisis and this is a crisis when an american ambassador and three americans have died in the line of duty that, this was not the time or the place to make this criticism and governor romney was even criticized by other republicans, many cynical political observers saying that maybe governor romney feels
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that he's not working with the economy and he needs to a sale assail the president -- assail the president in the field of foreign affairs. since the criticism happened so quickly in the midst of all this controversy it is considered unusual and for those who want to criticize governor romney will say it's unprecedented. >> has the president's reaction been strong enough at least? are we getting the sense it's being heard in the middle east? >> that's for the middle east to determine. you showed libyans who representative to the u.n. who said this is not the policy of the libyan government. the secretary of state hillary clinton said this does not represent the viewpoint of libyans, that this is a fringe group or a terrorist group and this is a very dicey matter and usually in terms of foreign
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policy there's sort of self- imposed stricture not to lash out at the president at this time or to give it some distance and that's what governor romney chose not to do and he's being criticized for it. he wrote a book that said no apologies. he thinks the president is vulnerable. we're in a political season and i guess he feels that anything is open for criticism and he steered away from the economy and went into this sector because he believed it and also felt that he thought it was a legitimate criticism. >> fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin. stay with fox 5 for the latest on this developing story both on air and online and our coverage continues on the news edge at 11:00. a news alert from morgan state university in baltimore, police there still searching for the gunman who shot a man in the stomach on campus. this happened earlier this evening inside a bathroom in the student center. police don't believe the victim nor suspects are students.
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the victim was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. now to another big story tonight, a prince george's county high school student shot dead in the street. markel ross was killed while walking to central high. tonight investigators are trying to figure out why. fox 5's paul wagner tells us other students are now worried about their safety. >> reporter: a little over 24 hours after markel ross was killed students at central high were showing off buttons they made in his honor remembering a friend they had known since freshman year. >> to see him go is -- >> reporter: you were a good friend of his, weren't you? >> it's hard because he did nothing to nobody. he was like -- he wasa very nice kid. he always in the books. >> pay lot of sadness going around -- a lot of sadness going around just people mourning the death of markel. he was a real close friend of
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everybody. never really made -- wasn't a bad person. he was always happy, joyful, no matter if he was mad, he always made other people laugh. >> reporter: the facts of the case, as few as they are, have left many students frightened. >> this is the second student in a couple weeks it happened and they still haven't solved her murder case. i watched the news. so i don't know. it's just very strange. now kids are scared to walk to go to school. >> reporter: amber stanley, a senior at flowers high school, was shot to death inside her bedroom august 22nd by a gunman who forced his way into the home. the motive is still unclear. police say there's no reason to believe at this time there's a connection. just after midday today the principal of central high and several staffers visited the home where markel ross lived with his mother. >> we are all mourning the loss of markel and we are planning a memorial program for him and wanted to send our condolences
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to the family. >> reporter: markel ross was remembered as a student who liked to run track, dance and model. it's still a mystery why anyone would want him dead. some of those same students we talked to today say they are planning a candlelight vigil for markel tomorrow night at 7:00 at the scene of the crime at old central avenue. in prince george's county paul wagner, fox 5 news. police arrested a silver spring man for peopling under women's skirts at the tacoma -- peep under women's skirts at the tacoma park metro station. tapha nyang distracted women while he videotaped up their skirts. police think there's more victims out there. now the campus controversy that has a lot of people talking, an american university professor raising eyebrows after breastfeeding in front of her students. tonight she speaks out for the first time. >> the iphone 5 finally unveiled, we'll take you inside the big announcement and show you the new features.
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>> september has unveiled some of the best weather we've seen in a long time. i'll let you not how long it will continue. we are headed down to the 50s tonight, that's your first clue, full forecast later as fox 5 news at 10:00 continues. 
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the breastfeeding controversy on the campus of american university has plenty of people talking. the professor who brought her sick baby with her the first day of class and breast fed the baby as she lectured speaks out tonight. fox 5's will thomas picks up the story from there. >> the question a lot of people are asking and probably a few officials right now over at au, did the professor go too far, bringing a sick baby to class and breastfeeding in front of 40 students? the university has no explicit policy on breastfeeding in the classroom, so she didn't break any rules as far as we can tell, but her decision has started a conversation. >> i was not trying to make a point. i was merely trying to feed a hungry baby the best way that i knew how and the way that
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satisfied her the most. >> reporter: and she satisfied her baby girl while teaching class here at american university. assistant an throw poll professor adrian pine says it -- anthropology professor adrian pine says it was the first day of her class, of course, that just happens to be called sex, gender and can. professor pine said she was in a real jam -- and culture. professor pine said she was in a real jam and didn't want to call in sick. her daughter woke up with a fever, so she couldn't take her to daycare, she didn't have a sitter, so she took her to work and protest fed her in front of the class. >> i don't think of breastfeeding as a sexual issue or as something that women should be ashamed of and i don't also think of the class as a sort of sacred space where people should be protected from everything else that goes on around them. >> reporter: the university is clear. it supports a mother's need to breastfeed and offers sick leave, break times and private areas. we hit campus to get reaction. >> i think that would be a
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little distracting to most students. i think maybe she could have excused herself from the room. >> i don't think it was wrong that she fed her child. i just don't think it was appropriate in the middle of the classroom. i think she could have taken the kid out for maybe five, 10 minutes and done it. >> reporter: at the breastfeed centering for greater washington mothers and mothers to be had plenty to say. >> she did the right thing that she was able to do at the time. she couldn't find adequate daycare for her daughter the day she had to go to class. >> if anyone who was uncomfortable with it was permitted to leave it, should be fine. it shouldn't detract from the actual subject matter of the course. >> one university official told us it is a situation where you have to look at the decisions the professor made and evaluate them. did she have better options? a teacher's aide was present in the class. some have suggested the aide could have filled in while she nursed her baby. then there is the issue of bringing a sick child into the classroom. did that put students at risk? a lot of opinions on this, but
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in the end a mother tells us she was doing her best at the time. . >> our facebook fans have been sounding off on this. i'm all for breastfeeding but why in class? he think city of out of line and this is come -- i think she was out of line and this is coming from a mother who breast fed. >> as a mother she did the right thing for her child and as an educator, she did the right thing for her students. >> and becky chimed in saying i think breastfeeding should be done in private. don't care who you are. a fox -- i don't care who you are. a fox 5 consumer alert tonight, the day appear fans have waited for fine -- apple fans have waited for finally here. fox 5's steve noviello has the details. >> a retail update from apple's ceo tim cook, but the real apple of everyone's eye came
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courtesy of phil schiller, apple's senior vp of worldwide marketing, who unveiled the iphone 5. >> it is really easy to make a new product that is bigger. the challenge is to make it better and smaller. >> smaller, certainly, the iphone 5 the thinnest lightest smartphone ever made, 18% thinner than its predecessor, 20 percent lighter. the display, though, is larger, a full 4 inches total which will allow users to stack an additional row of app icons on the screen which naturally packs a 16 by 9 aspect ratio. the device is designed to fit more comfortably in your hand. >> our new connector is called lightning. >> as expected, apple ditched their own 30 pin connector for a smaller, faster more rugged and reversible 1. apple's adapter will connect your new phone to your old docking accessories. >> it's two times faster cpu,
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two times faster graphics. >> the iphone 5 includes apple's new a6 chip, a noticeable boost in performance, the camera is boosted up to 8 megapixels and 1080p video packed into a super sleek glass aluminum case for the same price as the iphone 4s. preorders start september 14th with a ship date of the 21st. steve noviello, fox news. >> apple also introduced new designs for its ipod nano and touch both available in october, plus a new headphone called ear pods. coming up not one but two big honors for robert griffin, iii. >> also last night we told you about the new viral phenomenon known as griffinning, what the skins star has to say about it coming up. >> later on the news edge
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one game, one win, one new fad and two honors, dave ross here to explain. >> brian, you have a first week like robert griffin, iii, do you ask for a raise already? can it get any better? >> i think your contract says yeah. >> strike while the iron is hot and right now it's as hot as it can get. >> he's restructuring his view. >> following a spectacular debut, look at this, already on the cover of the latest east coast edition of sport illustrated griffin is the seventh quarterback to grace the cover in redskins history. the first is jason campbell. back in 2009 that was. rg3 was named the offensive
10:25 pm
player of the week and became the first rookie quarterback to win the award in a season opener. what he didn't try to do was start a craze. here's how it began. rg3 after throwing his first touchdown pass got knocked on his backside and here is now the famous pose there, put the fingers up, lean back and watch pierre garcon. that's all the rage now and even some youngsters, we don't know if that's our producer, rich dunn, clearly not. i'm sure his parents put him up to it. robert, what are your thoughts on the craze? >> who would have thought getting knocked on your butt and throwing a touchdown would start a phenomena like that. it is what it is, griffinning, rg3ing, whatever they want to call it, i'm not opposed to it, but it's pretty funny. some of the teammates made fun
10:26 pm
of me for it like i started it on purpose, but it is what it is. people can have fun with what they want and i'm not going to stop them. >> i like when dion started that. i don't know that's what they called it. >> it all started last year with the tebowing. now we have the griffinning. i think redskins fans are hoping to see more griffinning but just maybe standing up. >> maybe a griffin or a favre? >> that it would be a favreing? we're creating new terms. people want to see this guy not take the shots he took to throw those touchdown passes week two this sunday in st. louis. >> you'll be there. >> i'll be there. another rabid animal attack in northern virginia, the details coming up. >> plus is the government doing enough to keep you safe on the road? some say a fatal flaw is leading to deadly crashes, but it's not getting the attention it deserves. a fox 5 investigation is coming up next. >> if you see a story we should
10:27 pm
look into, call us at 202-895- 3000 or send us a tip to
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this is fox 5 news. each year hundreds of people die when their cars slam into the backs of semi trucks despite federal safety standards designed to prevent these deadly crashes. sherri ly has tonight's fox 5 investigation. >> reporter: driving behind a fully leaded 80,000-pound semi truck can be nerve -- loaded 80,000-pound semi truck can be nerve wracking for anyone. >> i try to be very cautious myself. >> reporter: for marilyn plan it's always a reminder of how
10:31 pm
-- bland it's always a reminder of how close she came to dying. the car she was in crashed into the back of a semi truck in 2002 after being hit from behind. her boss prince george's county council member isaac wardine died. >> i can still see we were just having a conversation and the next thing we knew, the car was forced up under the truck, but it went at an angle. >> reporter: more than 400 people are killed the same way every year in a rear end collision with large trucks and about half of those the car slides underneath the truck known as a underride accident. >> there's no reason for people to die in these crashes. >> reporter: the truck in bland's accident had what's called an underride guard, the bar crossed the back of the truck required by the federal government on most large trucks since 1998. it's supposed to stop cars from going under in a rear end accident. more than a decade later people
10:32 pm
are still dying. >> in many cases we see speed probably wasn't that high. it's just that the underride guard breaks away and once that guard breaks away there is nothing to stop the car from going underneath. >> reporter: just look at what happened last year in crash tests conducted by the insurance institute for highway safety. all of the trucks have underride guards that meet u.s. safety standards, but in half the tests the guard failed at speeds as low as 35 miles per hour. >> if it's giving way that, says to me that it's defective, that it's not doing what it's supposed to do and that's the whole purpose of having the guard, the protection, because you realize that accidents will happen. >> we know how to fix this. >> reporter: based on the crash tests the problem isn't the strength of the bar itself, but the attachments which sometimes break off or the ends which give way if a car strikes the corner at an angle just as bland's car did. >> this is not rocket science
10:33 pm
and it's obviously not cost prohibitive and when you look at the design of an underride guard, we're often talking about just putting some strength out at the ends. >> reporter: federal regulators have been aware of these weaknesses since 2009. in a statement the national highway traffic safety administration said, "we have been conducting an in depth field analysis to determine how we can improve that standard to save lives. the driving public should know that we are already actively working to address the issues raised in iihs' report and that their safety will always be our top priority." yet the u.s. standard hasn't changed even though europe and canada have adopted stronger safety standards. >> it concerns me that people are dying on the nation's highways in any kind of an accident. >> reporter: the american trucking association believes it's possible to make u.s. standards better, but no standard will be foolproof. >> it's going to be a
10:34 pm
challenge, but we'll see what they come up with. >> reporter: what do you say to the nhtsa? >> i will say that you have a responsibility to step up your standards and stay on top of this until the accidents start going down. >> reporter: marilyn bland believes the deadly accident may have turned out differently if stronger standards were adopted. anything less is unacceptable. the insurance institute for highway safety sent this letter as well as its crash test results to nhsta. it urges the agency to upgrade its standard for underride guards. remember, this is a problem the agency admits it's known about since 2009. that's three years ago and still nothing has happened. in the newsroom sherri ly, fox 5 news. we have a health alert in maryland. the state has confirmed a second person has died from west nile virus. it's not releasing any details about the death or where the
10:35 pm
person lived, only that the two victims were adults. health officials urge people to take precautions against getting the virus like using epa registered insect repellant, wearing long shirts and hats outdoors in dawn and dusk. a rabid beaver was found in fairfax county. over the weekend the rodent attacked children at the hidden pond nature center. officers eventually shot and killed the beaver because of its aggressive behavior. it did test positively for rabies. fortunately no one was hit. more money is being donated to maryland's campaign. penn national owns one casino already in maryland and one in charlestown, west virginia. voters will have the final say when they hit the polls in november. a historic farmhouse in fairfax county is literally on the move. it's relocating a few blocks
10:36 pm
from its home in herndon. sky fox was over the scene today as screws secured the house before its journey. the four bedroom 2 1/2 bathhouse was built in 1900 and is being moved to make way for new development. the historic home is being preserved by herndon's heritage home preservation district. still to come a one on one with former mayor adrian fenty. >> and later hot 99.5 sarah fraser joins us with reaction to britney spears at the judges table. apple unveiling the new iphone 5 hitting store shelves next week starting at $199, already estimates appear will sell 10 million before the month's end. those new iphones might help bring holiday cheer, a new report saying holiday shopping will rise on the first increase in shopper traffic in five
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years, but the sales boost is expected to come in below last year's gains. meanwhile low mortgage rates might be getting more people into the housing market finally. modern applications rising for the first time in six weeks. the 30 year fixed rate mortgage has been below 4% now since the end of march. if you plan to fly frontier airlines, you better look directly with them. the discount air carrier saying it's going to penalize flyers for buying tickets through online travel sites and if you do, you won't be able to pick your seat and you're going to earn fewer frequent flyer miles. you've been warned. that's business. i'm neil cavuto   >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically. [ male announcer ] for the dreamers...
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new details in death investigation of a culpeper county man. a medical examiner says 62-year- old gary cook died of natural causes. yesterday a maintenance worker found his body inside his apartment. prior toes i death cook was in the process of -- to his death cook was in the process of suing a culpeper police officer in the shooting death of his wife. prince george's county investigators started an undercore of sting in june at lat shea salon in ized thousand of goods by boosters who then delivered the goods to the salon's owner. >> this business was so lucrative that she stopped doing hair and was just buying stolen products selling it outside the shop. she set up a separate store inside the hair salon and was selling the stolen products. >> esther goodman placed orders for what she wanted to be stolen. goodman has been arrested. come oning up on the news edge a six minute nightmare in
10:42 pm
a north carolina cab. tonight police are trying to understand why a marine went berserk in the front seat. >> i would be really upset if that was my child in there. >> babies found on a closet floor, neighbors react to disturbing charges against two virginia daycare workers at 11:00.
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tonight a story only seen on fox 5, we are hearing from former d.c. mayor adrian fenty. mayor fenty shied away from the spotlight since he was defeated by current mayor vincent gray almost two years ago. since leaving office d.c. city hall has been plagued with scandals. so what does fenty think about all that? fox 5's matt ackland caught up with him today. >> reporter: mayor fenty says he's happy to be a private citizen and seemed to shy away from calls for him to return to the public spotlight. is there anything new going on? >> i don't know whether people
10:46 pm
miss seeing me or not, but i love d.c., born and raised here. it's a fantastic place to live. >> reporter: the former mayor was careful with his words when we asked about the headlines of scandal that have come from city government. >> any time there's 9 of investigation, citizens' ears perk up -- any investigation citizen as he ears perk up. >> reporter: two council members have been forced to leave their jobs after admitting to felonies. a shadow campaign was uncovered by federal officials and the man who defeated fenty remains under investigates by the u.s. attorney. >> clearly there have been some missteps and mistakes and some things that shouldn't have happened in the past. my hope is that those things remain in the past and everything gets back to normal and the city continues to improve. >> reporter: fenty made no mention of getting back into d.c. politics, but said he'll continue to support the city he
10:47 pm
loves. >> as a d.c. resident i think the city in general is going forward and is a great place to live and i'll keep doing everything i can as a citizen to make sure it keeps heading that way. >> currently mayor fenty is working at a law office based in dupont circle and is also focused on improving education for kids nationwide. in the newsroom matt ackland, fox 5 news. >> what another gorgeous day we had today. it's just phenomenal. people think it's a little cool at nighttime, but i'm loving this. >> tonight won't be as cool as the past few nights. i'm already seeing a big difference tonight. dew points have come up. noticeable but not too chilly and we are going to continue to see temperatures on the rise now. there will be a very show warming trend going through the next couple days and i think you'll enjoy that, too and a cull changes next week we'll -- couple changes next week we'll talk about in just a moment. we'll start with some of the high temperatures we hit today. we got into the upper 70s and
10:48 pm
low 80s around the region, pretty much what we expected, 79 for bwi thurgood marshall, reagan and dulles at 81 degrees. our weather headlines, mostly in the 50s, not too many 40s and a couple spots in the 60s, so a little warmer than last night. tomorrow during the day maybe a degree or two warmer thursday. now a possibility with the front coming through late friday we could pop a couple showers here and there. by the time it runs into the east coast there won't be a lot of moisture left. right now the weekend looks dry. that's kind of a change from yesterday. this front on the way moving toward the east coast is moving faster than we thought. it looks like it comes through friday night and saturday into sunday should be on the dry side with temperatures actually dropping a little. here are the temperatures we expect overnight, clear skies, 57 degrees gaithersburg, 61 d.c., 55 frederick, 54 in
10:49 pm
martinsburg and culpeper. definitely clearly and cool, maybe not quite as chilly as the past several nights and again in the district probably about 61 degrees with those light winds, but still very nice and refreshing. a cool start in the morning and then we climb to 82 degrees in the afternoon. winds are coming from the southeast, so a little uptick in humidity, not humid in any way, but you'll definitely notice a little bit of change there. of course, we still have lots of clear skies, high pressure right on top of us, but over the next couple days it will slip off the coast. here is the front with some good moisture she'sing up all the way from minneapolis down through omaha into wichita. they might get a little snow in the rockies tonight above 11,000 feet, first snow of the season out there, and very beneficial rains moving into texas and across new mexico. so those drought stricken areas are glad to see that. look at the differences in temperatures behind that front. ahead of it st. louis 77
10:50 pm
degrees, in wichita 79. temperature in lincoln, nebraska, right now 55 and denver 52. so that's where our front is. it's got a good push of cooler air behind it. in the east we're still at 70 degrees and most places are in the 60s to about 70 degrees, so not nearly as chilly as it has been. high pressure begins its slide to the east, still getting a little ridging going. so that's why we still have plenty of sunshine in the forecast. friday as this frontal boundary gets a little closer, certainly tomorrow nice and sunny, but friday as the front closes in, we increase the clouds a little bit and maybe have a shower floating through the area very late friday night, but i don't think it's anything that will really wreck your weekend. quick look at futurecast. you can see as that frontal boundary gets close at 11:00 thursday maybe a couple showers for cleveland. by the time it rolls into our area it's trying to break up friday night. we keep it moving saturday. so it looks like saturday will be a mostly sunny day.
10:51 pm
we can't keep this good stuff going forever. check out your fox 5 accuweather seven-day forecast. we might have a couple little showers friday night into saturday and temperatures are still delightful, now it looks like we'll get rain back in here, maybe a little unsettled next week monday, tuesday and wednesday with temperatures in the upper 70s and rain chances all three of those days. that's your seven-day. here's shawn. x-factor is back for its second season with a whole new look at the judges table, demi lovato and britney spears. what's been the reaction tonight? >> people are loving it. there were rumors and britney definitelied them yesterday on ellen. she and simon were saying that she was so nervous the first day she actually wanted to quit, which i think you could really tell. she was very kind of quiet and a lot of odd facial
10:52 pm
expressions. when they moved her along, i thought she reacted pretty well to a lot of contestants and everybody loving her over twitter. they're really blowing up and hands down it was x-factor over the voice tonight. >> really. we know there was controversy there. simon was sort of upset with that. >> right. they had a gentleman's agree nbc would not air the voice tonight and they did anyway. everybody was loving team x- factor and the contestants and i think the dynamics among the four of them is good. cool thing, they announced the mentors for sure. so justin bieber will be with l.a. reid and nick jonas with demi lovato. >> what about simon? >> simon doesn't have a mentor yet. >> any other scoop? >> i think we're off to a great start. there's lot of good dirt about
10:53 pm
behind the scenes, britney no alcohol ban and the women can't be too pretty behind the set of x-factor for britney and we want to know why the judges were eating the entire time they were judging. >> maybe they were hungry. >> no breaks. >> they were working them hard trying to get everything in. >> no lunch break. >> sarah, thank you very much. we'll let you get out of here because you have to be at work early. dustin hoffman and david letterman among the distinguished list of entertainers tonight, just two of the 2012 recipients of the kennedy center honor. buddy guy, led zeppelin and the kennedy center honors take place december 2nd. next at 11:00 an unlicensed daycare busted in virginia, the surprising discovery police made when they went inside the home. >> plus caught on camera, bank
10:54 pm
robbers throwing handfuls cash out the window during a high speed chase next on the news edge. >> reporter: it's a part of homeland security you may not think about. this is a facility where they train dogs that help keep all of us safe. i'm beth parker, this story coming up.
10:55 pm
10:56 pm
10:57 pm
we all know dogs are man's best friend, but they can also be an unvaluable tool for solving crimes. fox 5's beth parker was with some of these special dogs as they celebrated a major milestone today. take a look. >> madison, ready to go to work? come on, seek. >> reporter: this black lab named madison is on a mission. when she stops, you know she's found what she's looking for. >> oh, what a good girl! >> reporter: she's discovered a trace of something explosive in a suitcase. madison's handler is kathy
10:58 pm
barton scanlon, part of the 100th graduation at the national canine training and operation center in front royal, virginia. the center is run by the atf. >> knees are top notch dogs. they're -- these are top notch dogs. they're able to detect over 19,000 different combinations of explosive odors. >> reporter: yes, 19,000 different explosive odors. hank schaffer say deputy u.s. marshal graduating heading home to spokane, washington, with his partner zion. >> we'll do protective sweep around federal courthouses and different areas. so he'll be working as soon as we get back. >> reporter: they've trained together the past 10 weeks seven days a week. >> he gets a lot of attention. they never remember my name. they will remember his name. >> reporter: there are eight members of the police force in thailand in this graduating class. in 15 years they've been around they've trained 470 dogs who work in 21 countries, but their
10:59 pm
training does not stop when they graduate. >> once they leave here, they're not done. we maintain making sure they're kept in healthy conditions as well as making sure they're proficient in being able to detect all the various odors. >> reporter: atf trained dogs were used to gather evidence in the washington sniper shootings and countless other high profile cases. >> in fighting violent crime and preventing terrorism they're irreplaceable. >> are you kidding me? it's great. it's awesome. where do you get a partner that doesn't talk back to you? they respect you and they love you regardless. no, it's awesome. it's very rewarding. good girl, sweetie. >> reporter: g cases, catching criminals and building relationships that last. in front royal, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> speaking of super dogs, taking your dog for a walk has never been

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